7 Ways to Improve Poor Traffic to Your Property Management Website

Improve Traffic to Your Property Management Website

When your property management company website isn’t getting enough traffic, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Thankfully, there are several easy ways to help improve the traffic to your website, which will ultimately improve your performance in the eyes of any prospective tenants or landlords. Here are 7 smart ways to help improve your property management website’s traffic.

Make Your Website Easier to Navigate

Before you can hope to improve your property management website’s traffic, you first have to make it easier for people to understand what your website is about. It should be obvious who the website is for, what you offer and what the next step is. If you can do this then you will keep people on your website for longer. Keeping people on your website is a very good indicator for search engines… as effectively its a vote for the relevancy of your website. Guide people through your website, don’t make them have to guess what they need to do – “don’t make them think“. Make sure your contact information is up-to-date and include your phone number so that potential tenants and landlords can reach you easily. Or if you don’t want them to call you, again tell them what to do.

Most importantly check your website on your mobile phone. Is it easy to navigate? Is it quick? Does it get to the point quickly? Don’t make this hard for people… any distractions only ends up in people leaving your website

Work on Your Content

As a landlord or property manager, you need to ensure your website’s content is up-to-date and relevant to your specific niche. Think about who your main customers are. If they are young professionals aged between say 25-35 then tailor your content to them. Of course there will always be customers on the fringes, but you are marketing to the 80%. Interesting content will keep people on your website longer (another positive vote for the search engines). While you don’t have to update your website daily, you should aim to keep it updated a minimum of a couple of times a month, preferably more. Make sure you are including the latest news about your industry and other relevant details, so that your website is always relevant and useful.

Add Some Video to Your Website

While you don’t have to create the next marvel movie, adding some video to your property management website can go a long way towards helping improving your traffic.

Video is an incredibly powerful way to deliver your message, whether that is to landlords or tenants. It’s also a great way to keep people engaged, as they watch or listen to your story unfold. Video tours of your properties and the surrounding areas is a big draw for potential clients

Not only that, but including some video on your property management website also helps to improve your SEO, as people will be more likely to share or reference your videos on social media, if they are of high-quality.

Add a Blog to Your Website

Similar to videos, blogging on your property management website is another great way to improve your traffic. Blogs are great for engaging your audience, as they allow you to write in a conversational tone and offer multiple ways for people to interact with your content.

If possible, try to include links to your blog posts in your website’s navigation. This will make it easier for people to navigate to each new post, without having to search for them. Interlinking from your blog posts to other content on your website will also help the search engines navigate through your website. A link to content on your website is basically a vote for that content.

Also, include a “blog” link on your property management website’s landing page, so that people who are searching for your services will easily find your content.

Finally, writing some guest blogs for external sites can be a great form of property management marketing. It can get you exposure in your field. For example, we specialise in Arthur Online integration, so we have written blogs for their blog. It really helps bring in traffic. Here are a couple of our guest posts:


Make Better Use of Your Social Media

As social media has become an increasingly large part of our daily lives, it’s no surprise that many people are using it as a resource when looking for properties to rent. Potential landlords will also be able to see what kind of properties you manage, which may help in them keeping you top of mind when looking to move management company.

Social media has become a key tool that can direct more traffic to your website and raise awareness among your key audiences. If you are not using social media to promote your website, it may be one of the reasons for low website traffic, although it really depends on your social media audience. Building a relevant following is not a small undertaking, so this would need some real thought about how you might go about that. Do make sure that you include social media buttons on your website and maintain active social media profiles.

Furthermore, you can also try posting short videos to your social media accounts, as this is yet another way to improve your property management website’s traffic.

Improve your Website speed

Loading speed is an important factor when it comes to determining whether or not someone will choose to click on a particular website. If a potential tenant or landlord is having troubles accessing your website, it will reflect poorly on you, as you are failing at your job.

There is no shortage of options for people who are searching for information on a particular subject. In fact, a search for a specific subject can return hundreds of thousands of websites. With all those choices, individuals won’t wait for a slow-loading website and will look for an alternative website in the same niche. The technical term is “bounce”.

Boosting the loading speed of your website will also improve search engine results, which will deliver better search rankings for your website. Think of it this way – do you really like to spend your time staring at a screen until a webpage is loaded? You don’t and neither do others. If your website takes any longer than 4 seconds to load on any device, it is time to make improvements.

Page speed is one of the core factors in Google ranking websites. Dont underestimate how much of an impact this can have on your website traffic.

Keep your website up to date and check regularly

As with any other form of property management marketing, it’s important to keep your property management website updated. Make sure the software is updated on a regular basis including any themes and plugins. Browsers such as Chrome are forever changing and as such new software releases take into account these changes and makes sure your website is performing in the way it should. This is a never ending task, but can result in keeping your website close to the top of the Search Engine rankings.

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