Digital strategy & marketing

digital marketing strategy

Is your digital strategy generating enough traffic and leads for your business?
Do you know what your ROI of your marketing activities are?
Do you have enough time or resources to keep on top in your digital marketing?
Are you really spending your marketing budget in the right places?

Digital strategy and marketing

Digital marketing can be a daunting subject for most businesses, let alone marketeers. You might think you have it all covered only to find you are using outdated techniques, or your staff are not trained in the right areas. The constant need to keep your website updated with content that really matters is a constant headache.

Recently Adobe carried out a survey that highlighted that: ‘76% of marketing professionals were in agreement that marketing has changed more in the last two years than the past 50 years.‘

In the same survey: ‘91% were not able to confirm if their digital marketing was working or not.‘

If you think you are facing any of these issues then don’t worry, help is at hand. A thorough analysis of your current marketing strategy and its current performance will help us uncover your biggest marketing opportunities and allow us to devise a truly great marketing strategy for you.

Don’t leave it to chance, if you want to find out about how you can get your marketing on track , then schedule a call with us and see if we are are able to help.

Digital strategy and marketing

SEO - ‘search engine optimisation‘

SEO is a marketing strategy.. that uses a number of techniques and tactics to help drive targeted traffic to your website via search engines including Google, Bing and others. If done right you will start to see your website ranking in the organic search results, meaning more visitors and more leads or sales.

There are numerous tactics and techniques that can be employed whilst carrying out SEO. However, it’s absolutely crucial that a strategy is in place before beginning any SEO work.

To find out a little more about SEO our friends over at MOZ have written an comprehensive guide –

If you are not sure about the DIY option, don’t know where to start OR don’t have the time? Then let us help you through the SEO minefield.

Schedule a chat with one of our SEO account managers to see if we can help.

Did you know? An inbound search lead has 8.5x higher chance of conversion than an outbound lead.

PPC - ‘pay per click‘

Reach specifically targeted customers by using PPC advertising. Servon Design will help you create a specific campaign to target exactly who you want to target, when you want to target them.

Running through our discovery process we will find out everything about you and your customers, your products or service and your brand to make sure we create a strategy that works for you. From there, we shape a clear, concise plan that’ll get your business the best chance of making an impact on your ideal target market. We utilise a toolbox of tactics including Google adwords, facebook or other forms of paid advertising, you can be sure we will be implementing the best solution for your business. Whether you are looking at promoting a specific product or service,or just need to spread your brand, we can devise a suitable campaign that will offer an enviable ROI.

We’ll determine the best way forward with a combination of Product Listing Ads, Search, Display, Mobile, Local Awareness, lookalike audience targeting and G-Mail ads amongst other forms of advertising.

Combine PPC advertising with a targeted Email campaign and our onsite SEO service, and you will find you won’t go wrong.

You should only be looking at Paid Search as part of your overall marketing strategy, if you are in a good position to take advantage, otherwise you will be wasting an awful lot of time & money.

If your target niche is so small that no one is searching for it, or you have not carried out a competitive audit yet, then dont get started with PPC. Also, if you make effective use of the traffic coming to your website, then make sure your website is fully prepared.

Social Media - ‘share content in social networking‘

Through our partner we are able to offer a highly focused, targeted and more to the point, guaranteed social media campaign for you. This will achieve increased reach and engagement to your audience demonstrating a clear return on investment (ROI), generating quality targeted sales leads and, thus, helping you grow your business. The overall offering will:
  • Reach out to prospects via Twitter, providing a guaranteed 500 new twitter industry-related followers every quarter.
  • Social media industry-related updates on twitter, 5 per day (Monday – Friday), to build thought leadership within your sector.
  • Weekly post on LinkedIn to build thought leadership and increase exposure to your followers.
  • Weekly post on Facebook predominantly for SEO benefits.
  • Weekly outreach campaign to grow your audience across channels – guaranteeing 1,000 followers per quarter!
  • Setup of Google Plus and Google Plus for Business to optimise your business listings together with a weekly post
  • Enhance analytics using Unique Tracking Marks (UTMs) to draw data back into Google Analytics so that we can measure and test the effectiveness and reach of your campaigns.
All content is served at the times that your audience is online using bespoke in-house software. This typically gives us up to 30% better engagement with prospects. Typically we would be able to show a rise in site traffic through this channel by 30-50%, however the conversion into leads is always less so we would anticipate this being 0.5%. In addition, we will reach out to targeted influencers to give you greater exposure to decision makers.

Analytics - ‘systematic analysis of data or statistics‘

Google Analytics is undoubtedly the most widely used web analytics application. Giving you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness, it can also be customised to get the data you need, in the way that suits you. Set up goals, trace transactions and identify your revenue sources. Google Analytics is quite simply an absolute must if you take your business seriously. Other features include:
  • Check your advertising ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Cross channel and multimedia tracking
  • Check mobile websites
  • Share your reports
  • Campaign Tracking and AdWords Integration
  • Identify your most lucrative geographical markets
  • Scroll tracking
The implementation of Web Analytics is crucial to receiving the necessary accurate data for you to be able to manage your web site. We offer a complete, implementation of the Google Analytics package. “If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.” – Lord Kelvin As well as Google Analytics if you need to gain even more information on your website visitors, there are many alternative packages that allow you to dig deeper. Identify your audience, and monitor their behaviour. For example its possible to record every visitor interaction on your website and see exactly how they are navigating
  • Are they getting to see your call to action?
  • Are they reading your text?
  • Are they looking at your casestudies?
Then we can help.