How to identify if marketing funnel automation is worth doing
How to identify if marketing funnel automation is worth doing
How does marketing automation actually perform and is it right for everyone? We decided to do some real life testing to find out what can go wrong.
By: Kevin Williams 23/03/2017 Categories: marketing full article
5 kick ass reasons why email marketing is still relevant
5 kick ass reasons why email marketing is still relevant
With high ROI and full traceability from send to click, email marketing is still relevant. It is cost effective, targeted and environmentally green.
By: Kevin Williams 19/02/2017 Categories: marketing full article
Web design as a single standalone entity is dead
Web design as a single standalone entity is dead
Having been designing and developing websites for approaching nigh on two decades we recognise a complete sea change in how the web design industry is moving forward.
By: Kevin Williams 03/01/2017 Categories: web full article
Size matters. Especially when it comes to your copy
The most successful direct mail letter I ever wrote, on the basis of responses and sales, was about 4,500 words long and covered approximately eight pages of closely set A4.
By: Kevin Williams 11/11/2016 Categories: marketing full article
The easy way to make your copy work harder
I was inspired to write this article originally by the fact that most of the local free magazines which get shoved through my letterbox carry dozens and dozens of adverts.
By: Kevin Williams 13/10/2016 Categories: marketing full article
Email subject lines.... can one word make a difference?
Email subject lines.... can one word make a difference?
Email campaigns can be tricky and involve a lot of editing, tweaking, template updating and testing on all different devices, but can a single word in your subject line be the key to whether someone opens, clicks though or unsubscribes?
By: Rachel Lord 06/09/2016 Categories: marketing full article
Everyone's a copy and content writer, right? 9 cool copywriting tips
Everyone's a copy and content writer, right? There’s no test to pass, no professional association, no ongoing certification. So whoever writes the words for your organisation, how do you know whether what you've got is any good?
By: Kevin Williams 22/04/2016 Categories: marketing full article
Why a Company Corporate Identity can set You Apart from Your Competitors
The fundamental idea and core concept behind having a ‘corporate identity’ is that everything a company does, everything it owns and everything it produces should reflect the values and aims of the business as a whole.
By: Kevin Williams 15/03/2016 Categories: branding full article
Successful Retirement Homes Development Campaign
Successful Retirement Homes Development Campaign
Riverside Court is a stunning collection of one and two bedroom beautifully appointed retirement apartments, set in the popular village of Tuckton, Dorset.
By: Kevin Williams 04/03/2016 Categories: marketing full article
Heyford Park Redevelopment
Heyford Park Redevelopment
Dorchester Group - Heyford Park website & associated marketing.Heyford Park is an ambitious regeneration project set in 1,231 acres of a rural picturesque countryside near Bicester, Oxfordshire.
By: Kevin Williams 01/02/2016 Categories: web full article
What does a responsive website design mean?
What does a responsive website design mean?
As a website designer/developer we often fall into the trap of using business related terminology, that may not be completely understandable to everyone else.
By: Kevin Williams 17/12/2015 Categories: web full article
Animate, Don’t Stagnate - Tips on Using Animation
The key to marketing innovation is focusing more on the stories of your customers, and less on your product or service offering.
By: Max Fancourt 30/11/2015 Categories: marketing full article
Email Marketing Check List: Great Ways to Optimise Email for Mobile
With the increasing number of consumers reading their emails on the go, it is essential for marketers to comprehend how to create an effective mobile email.
By: Rachel Lord 15/11/2015 Categories: marketing full article
Usability Design
When designing a website, there are several key considerations in order to make it an effective business tool. Usability design is one those considerations.
By: Rachel Lord 07/10/2015 Categories: web full article
Are you considering an email marketing campaign?
We are regularly asked to design and build emailers for one off or recurring campaigns or templates to use within online email platforms.There are a number of considerations to be made and planning is essential, content for instance - will this be a newsletter or sales campaign? What will your…
By: Rachel Lord 07/08/2015 Categories: marketing full article
Corporate Photography Car Wrap Project
Reade Signs contacted us to talk about how best to promote their expertise in an area that has become an important part of the services they provide. Car Wrapping is essentially wrapping your vehicle in any form of advertising, colours or patterns, and is increasing in popularity for both businesses…
By: Max Fancourt 12/07/2013 Categories: photography full article
Why and When To Use Stock Photography and When to Use Bespoke
When designing and developing your website and marketing materials, photographs and imagery are going to be an integral part of whatever you produce.
By: Kevin Williams 22/04/2013 Categories: photography full article
Does Print Material Still Work in The Digital Age?
In today’s Digital Age, many businesses are shying away from printed material in a bid to cut their costs and reduce their carbon footprint. Beautifully presented, expensively printed, detailed brochures and marketing pieces are being relinquished in favour of digital presentations, blogs and…
By: Max Fancourt 03/04/2013 Categories: print full article
How to Increase Relevant Traffic to Your Website
Increasing traffic to your website can easily be accomplished, however increasing relevant traffic is a little more trickier. Just increasing traffic can have the adverse effect of increasing your website's bounce rate (the number of people who land on your site and leave instantly), which does play…
By: Kevin Williams 03/01/2013 Categories: marketing full article