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Having worked with a broad range of property developers..

..from builders of bespoke and individual homes to those constructing social housing, regenerating brownfield sites or creating whole new communities – we understand your markets, potential buyers and business objectives.

We understand how important targeting is in this sector. Communicating the benefits of a luxury, bespoke and executive home is very different from doing so for city-centre apartments aimed at young professionals or down-sizers.

We work through our ‘Ask, Access, Analyse and Action’ approach to enhance your branding. Then we focus on the right target audiences – using demographics like age, location and lifestyle – to drive strategies and campaigns that deliver interest, viewings and sales.

We know you want to maximise reservations, completions and returns per square foot. So we’ll leverage all the opportunities offered by the web, from e-mail marketing to social media, to achieve your objectives.

However, we also deliver results offline, too. We know traditional design and print for literature and signage still delivers ROI for developers and is still expected by buyers.

Digital strategy and marketing

Our recent successes in this sector have included

A large development group.. with multiple housing developments and subsidiary companies had organisation-wide issues with consistency, cohesion and marketing management. In fact, multiple agencies were developing differing sub-brands and collateral packs. There were even multiple web domains, registered with multiple ISP’s and multiple hosting. The result was a creative and administrative mess. We have brought all group businesses back on brand and set up a central point for all online activities, streamlining everything from look to lead generation and recording, successfully driving interest and sales of over 3,000 homes across two flagship new communities.
Property developers marketing

Our challenge.. was to help a client who was needed to market and sell two distinctly different developments to two distinctly different target audiences. The first was to speed up the sale of retirement homes in Bournemouth, where buyers are notoriously slow to make decisions, especially when the sales process takes multiple interactions. The second was to promote new apartments on the outskirts of Bristol to young, affluent first time and professional couple buyers.

A number of innovations and initiatives paid dividends for both developments. In Bournemouth we utilised everything from MacMillan Coffee Morning events and classic, traditional direct mail to town centre ad-vans and the online targeting of the grown-up children of retirees. For the Bristol development we targeted potential buyers online, via Google adwords and Facebook campaigns, while also promoting the opportunity to local hospital NHS staff and to buy-to-let investors in London. As a result, both developments sold out in the target time.

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Digital Strategy and marketing
Digital Strategy and marketing
Web Design and Development
Web Design and Development
Email Marketing
Email Marketing
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Video and Animation

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