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We have always worked with a lot of property managers, and over the past year or so, we’ve been using Arthur Online’s property management software to better our clients websites. Arthur helps with everything, from finding and managing tenants to keeping track of rents and spending.

Today, we address some of the most common questions about our Arthur Online integration services that we recieve from property managers. We thought we’d put the answers in one place to allow people to research for themselves and to have answers in writing in case they had forgotten an answer from a previous conversation with us. If you have a question that is not included in this FAQ list, please, don’t hesistate to give us a call.

We help integrate Arthur Online property management platform with your website. This allows you to market your properties and units to a wide audience as well as allow users to book viewings or apply for a tenancy. We look at each user’s requirements and create a strategy of how exactly we will integrate with the data from your Arthur Online account.

Of course, if you have access to the right skill set then yes you can. You will need to use the Arthur API in order to do this – here’s a link to  Arthur’s website if you want to read about how to do it yourself. To learn everything you need to know about the specifics of API, click here instead.

Yes you can. You can pull through properties and individual units. There are a number of fields that can be pulled through from Arthur onto your website. The list below are the most commonly asked for:

  • Address
  • Maximum occupancy
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms 
  • Receptions
  • Council tax band
  • Market rent £
  • Payment frequency
  • Features (Wifi, Parking, etc.)

It is also is common to filter what properties are pulled through by using the property type field, or if required you can set up custom property general information tags to allow any custom filtering.

As of writing this is not currently available (June 2020), however by setting up property or unit general information tags this is possible. Our suggestion would be to create and then host your video on a platform like YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia and then populate the custom general information tag with the video URL. This can then be pulled through to the website to display alongside your property or individual units.

Custom Arthur Online integration costs will vary greatly on a number of factors. For example you may just want the integration without anything else or it could be a standalone project that fits within an existing architecture or if you could be looking for a complete website strategy where Arthur Integration is only one component. 

Each scenario is different, so depending on what you are trying to achieve the costs will vary.

Another key factor is the agency or developer that you choose to work with. Obviously experience matters but then there are also various models of charging for work. Below are some common methods of how you can pay for the Arthur integration work.

Weekly sprints:
You are charged on a per-week basis for the work as it’s being done. This model gives you flexibility in altering the specifications and prioritising more urgent work.

Hourly model:
You pay by the hour; requirements are more flexible but there is less control over the cost. 

Fixed Price:
You agree on a fixed price for a fixed scope. Here you have less flexibility on changing features and elements in your projects.

An integration is licenced and managed for a recurring monthly cost. Similar to how your Arthur Online subscription is managed. 

At Servon Design we prefer to work on fixeded, sprint or managed models depending on the size of the project. If you’re wondering how much your integration would indeed cost, schedule a call with our team.

Now that’s a tricky question. It really depends on a few things:  

  • How complex and detailed is the integration you are trying to do? The more complex the longer it would take
  • What other work you might require around the integration, such as branding, marketing strategy, traffic generation or SEO to name a few.
  • The availability of the developer team; in our case if we are booked out your work would be scheduled after our existing timeline.  

What we have found is that most integration tasks we work on can take anywhere between 3 to 9 weeks.

There are a number of automated options for you to choose from that vary between daily or every 15 minutes. Or should you need to get a price change onto your website quickly, you can choose to run the sync manually (overriding the automated setting).

Yes, we offer full maintenance and support care packages, including plugin and theme updates. We offer three tiered packages to help you get the best out of your website including hosting, plugin and theme updates and a fixed number of hours support. 

Read more about how we can support you after your website is up and running here.

Depends on the software you are using, what you are trying to achieve and the suitability of integration itself.

There are so many software platforms available it’s impossible to list them all here. But if you have a software platform in mind please give us a call and we can look into the feasibility of integrating it with your website and Arthur Online.

At the moment that is not an option available from Arthur. However, we have been working on some different solutions that would enable you to list your properties on these platforms. Call us now to find out how we can help you.

Arthur online has this capability. In Arthur under ‘Store’ which can be found in the left hand navigation bar, click on ‘Arthur Store’ and scroll down to Marketing Channels. You will see the various channels listed including Zoopla, RightMove, StuRents and facebook marketplace.

Unfortunately, you are unable to do this directly unless you are an approved letting or sales agent, or if you are a new homes developer. However, new homes developers can only list properties for sale and not to let. 

One of the simplest and best routes to do this is through one of the online agents such as OpenRent. Openrent will let you list your property ‘until it’s sold’ for a fee of £29 inc VAT.

Please do bear in mind that OpenRent do not currently have an open source API, so you are not currently able to automatically push data from Arthur Online to the platform.

We are able to integrate in a number of email platforms for you including Mailchimp. When a user books a viewing, they will need to tick a checkbox to agree for you to send them relevant marketing materials. Their name and email address, and any other data you wish to capture can be passed directly into MailChimp, and all the booking information is passed directly into Arthur Online.

Yes that’s no problem. We can be totally flexible here. So for example you want to show a property of the week on the homepage, then that is feasible. 

We are also able to display ‘similar properties’ to people alongside the details of any property that the user is viewing.

Yes that is possible. As well as being able to view properties in the standard list view, users can select to view your properties on a map.

You could also choose to let users plot the exact area and streets they want to search in by drawing a polygon straight onto the map. Once drawn, they can view the results on the map or in a list, and also edit the existing area. 

We are able to provide a custom map style that matches in with your branding and corporate colours.arthur map

In one word yes. We have been designing property related websites for about 20 years. Whether you are a property manager, estate agent, student lettings, housebuilder or an independent landlord with a reasonably sized property portfolio we are able to help.

From website strategy through to branding, site design/development and of course Arthur Online integration, we can advise. Give us a call for a no obligation chat to see if we would be a good fit for you.

Yes that is an option. If you would like landlords or individual home owners to load content into your Arthur account, then we are able to provide a solution for you. All information about the property can be entered, from the address to images and floorplans.

Properties submitted will appear in Arthur ready for you to moderate.Once approved the properties will be synced with the website and push to live.

A good professional business level hosting is required. Your choice of hosting has an effect on your site’s performance and reliability. There are a number of further server requirements in order for your website to run smooth and fast without any issue. We would not advise cheap hosting. Not only will you find it frustrating, but it will also have an affect on how Google sees your website.

You will need:

  • PHP 7 or Greater
  • MySQL 5.6 or Greater
  • Memory limit – you’ll want a host that offers 128MB of memory at a minimum. Ideally, you’ll be able to use 256MB or higher.

Also don’t forget a good backup system with a good retention and reinstall system.

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