Why it’s worth having a CGI animation of what your new homes build will look like

If you have a new build, you will have thought about how best to advertise your new property or apartment complex. It might still be a building site; not ideal for in-person tours or photographs!

So how can you attract potential buyers/tenants? One great way is having a CGI mock-up of the finished property.

In our 20+ years of working with clients in the property sector, we have tried and tested CGI animations of new builds and been impressed with just how useful they can be to property developers. Here are 5 benefits you will notice if you decide to get one for your new homes build:


Spark interest in your new build

Simply put, a CGI animation is the best way to show off the potential of your new build. It is like a virtual tour of the unfinished property, inspired by the floor plans. 

With CGI animation, there are no limits on what goes inside either. You can add finish to the building, including kitchen appliances, beds and sofas to make it appear homely to the viewer.

CGI allows the viewer to imagine themselves living in your property, which is half the battle in persuading them to buy/rent. 


Build trust

Being able to see what lies in store makes you a lot more trustworthy in the eyes of the buyer. 

Nobody wants to blindly spend money on something important like a house or an apartment. But if they can see a CGI model of what it will look like, then the property is legitimised in their head and they are more likely to pay a deposit.

Obviously you have to make more assurances to the potential customer than just show them a flashy CGI, but it sure goes a long way to building trust in your relationship. 


Earlier buyers

Because you’ve built up some trust and sparked their interest in living in your new build, you will no doubt get more interest in your new build and people are more likely to put a deposit down. 

People may buy into your new build before a brick has been laid!


No photography drawbacks

Another benefit to CGI animation is that you don’t get any of the drawbacks of photography. With property photos, the lighting has to be perfect which is extremely dependent on good weather and the time of day. To get the best shots, an expert photographer is recommended, which can be expensive. 

With CGI, the lighting is always perfect, and you can showcase your new build in any weather condition, time of day and time of year you want. Be it a sunny summer’s day, a leafy autumn evening or a snowy winter morning. 

You can also show off the final look of your build before it is finished, something photographs can’t do.


A range of CGI options

There are different types of CGI animation, so you can pick the style that you think will best show off your build.

You can opt for an animated video tour, travelling through what your property will look like. 

Maybe you could choose to have a VR option where you can explore the property in 3D space, similar to Google Maps Street View. 

Or you could go for an interactive CGI option, allowing the viewer to pick and choose the interior options. This could include a kitchen selector and feature multiple other textures that helps the viewer better imagine the property as their home.


These are a few of the reasons why we think all property developers should use CGI animations for their new builds. They are great promotional tools and we believe they are worth posting on social media sites like Facebook. If you want to discuss CGI animations further or want to create one for your property, don’t hesitate to book a call with our experts.

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