How property developers can use Facebook ads to drive more traffic to their new build website

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We frequently see property developers having a separate website for their new build complex from the rest of their projects. This is fine, and makes sense, especially if the new build is fairly large and is treated as its own stand alone project.

What we often hear though, is that property developers struggle to drive traffic to this new build website as it is separate to their main site. This can lead to a lack of buyers.

A good way to ramp up traffic to your new build website is to utilise Facebook advertising. With over 2 billion active monthly users, it is a platform too large to ignore. 

Here, we will explore a couple of important elements that you have to get right to ensure your new build Facebook ad campaign is a success.


Target the right people

Facebook will give you control over who sees your ads. You can select the locations your ad will be shown as well as the age range, gender and occupation of your preferred audience. You can also set parameters to show your ad to people with certain interests, based on what Facebook pages they like and groups they are in. 

A couple of years ago, a customer of ours was looking to sell and let over 80 one/two bedroom apartments in Bristol. The target age group was young adults, but that’s a pretty large net to cast. Checking the surrounding area showed that the Bristol Royal Infirmary was just down the road. The decision was made to aim the campaign at young nurses moving to the area, keen to find a contemporary apartment to buy or rent, close to their place of work. 

Using Facebook’s demographic data, the Bristol apartments campaign was directly shown to nurses who worked in the area, and the ads were featured on Facebook pages of Bristol based bars and clubs as well. The campaign was a success and the apartments were snapped up.

The tricky part is knowing exactly who to target. However, if you are struggling you can do what Facebook calls a split test, more commonly known as an A/B test. You can test out and compare how your ad does with two different audience types. This allows you to hone down on the right type of people to generate the most leads for your new build project.


Choose the best ad style for you

You can pick from a variety of formats for your ad. You can opt for a single image, the simplest form of Facebook advertising. A concept image of the interior of your new build along with your logo and a call to action is a short and effective way to spread brand recognition and generate clicks. 

You could make this modest format a bit more engaging with a 360 degree image, where the user can explore a CGI image of your new build.

Another option is to have a single video to play. Videos can be a great way to quickly portray information and spark interest. You’ll need to pick an eye-catching thumbnail and bear in mind that a lot of Facebook users watch videos without audio, so important information should ideally be in text form. One idea for a new build video ad is a CGI animation to show off your properties.

You can show off more content in a carousel, a scrollable tool where you can include multiple images and videos. Carousels are interactive, and this user engagement usually leads to better ad results. 

Which style you choose, whether it be one of the ones mentioned or another of the formats Facebook has, it should be chosen with your target audience in mind. Older audiences prefer simpler images or videos, whereas interactive formats are more popular with younger people.

Facebook is a huge network where you can advertise directly at your chosen target audience. It can be a fantastic way to raise awareness about your new build and if you craft your ad in the right way by considering the points mentioned here, you can drive a lot more traffic to your new build property website.

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