Video Conference Tips: Zoom and Skype advice

With the switch to remote working due to the COVID-19 pandemic, video conference platforms such as Skype and Zoom are booming. Everyone is using them. 

This sudden flip to online meetings has however meant a lot of people haven’t had the time to get their set-up right. Your set-up should look as professional as possible to leave a good impression on the people on the other end.

Here’s our guide on how to look as good as you can on Zoom and Skype to impress your customers and generate leads.

Internet connection

If you have a wired internet connection use that, alternatively make sure your wifi signal is strong. Nothing is more frustrating than having someone lag and cut out mid sentence while on a call.


The key to good lighting is soft direct daylight lighting (this is not direct sunlight). The idea is to illuminate the face but not cast shadows.

If you can’t place your laptop in front of a big window with the light from the window illuminating your face, then the next best thing is a lamp with a daylight bulb. An LED white bulb is good, not an old standard (yellow) tungsten bulb. It will need a shade on it to soften the light.

You place the lamp in front of you with the laptop camera between you and the lamp. try to steer clear of lighting above your head as this will cast horrible, vertical shadows. You will see that the image below shows a video being recorded in front of a window with soft light.

Good set-up for zoom calls - head positioning

Placement of a laptop/camera

Ideally, you want the camera or your laptop’s camera to be slightly higher than eye level. Between your eyebrows and your hairline, not higher than the top of your head. This can be seen by the image above, showing the position of a camera. But if using the laptop’s camera then elevating that by the use of books boxes etc. will help a lot.

This placement will force you to sit up straight, which will enhance your posture and look up a little help which in-turn reduces unflattering shadows under your chin.

Good set-up for zoom calls


You want your head to be close to the top of the screen but not cut off, and for the bottom of the screen to be cropping below your shoulders but above your elbows.

The idea is you fill the screen but allows for movement without cropping you off.


If you have a lapel microphone then use it if you can, but if not make sure there are no noises in the background such as: TV, radio, washing machines, air conditioners etc.

At Servon, we use some software call ‘Krisp’ to cancel out any background sound. It works in any communications app so is well worth having in our opinion. Check it out  by clicking here.


Make sure the background is clutter-free. Pretty simple that one.

Eye contact

Avoid looking at yourself in the small window monitor. Look directly at the camera. Eye contact is the key and try to smile. The audience will appreciate it.

Test your set-up

Do a test run make sure you review what the audience is going to see… check angles, lighting, background and how you look.

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