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One of the things we ask ourselves when we’re building an estate agent or lettings agent’s website, is how can we help grow their business? So that’s the first thing that we’re looking to achieve when building a website for you – how we can take the visitors and convert them into safe valuations on your website.

That’s the primary goal of what we’re looking for. In and amongst that, obviously we need to produce a website that showcases the properties that you have for sale or for rent. And, we have chosen the platform, which we’re really, really happy with. It’s a platform called Property Hive that we’ve now been using for a little over two years. 

Originally, when we started building property websites 20-odd years ago, there wasn’t really any property platforms on the market, and we started off with a bespoke system. But, the digital world changes really quickly, and we wanted to use a product that we felt would keep ahead of these changes, and not get stuck in a certain time. Because, in a couple of years time, the website would end up not functioning or looking the way that the client wants and needs it to.

A good example of that is recently, with the way the world is at the moment, a lot of viewings have had to be virtual, and Property Hive was able to implement that really quickly to allow virtual viewings on the website, no problem at all.

Servon Design are recommended Property Hive website developers

So, after having started using Property Hive and launched it on a number of websites, we’re pleased to say that we’re now a preferred Property Hive website developer recommended by Property Hive to build websites using their platform. So, it makes sense to use a preferred developer. We understand the product, we understand what it can do, what its limitations are. But, more importantly, we can understand how we can use the product and shape it in such a way that it fits your business exactly.

So, if you’re looking for something a little bit different, something that sets you apart from your competitors, and something that you’re hoping will bring you leads into your inbox, then come and talk to us. Let’s see how Property Hive can work within your business, and how we can shape it to make sure you’re getting exactly the right website product that you require.

Take a look at their website here. Have a look at the developers page. We’re on there. Examples of our work and our clients that we have used Property Hive for also feature heavily on the case study and showcase pages.

Happy for you to give us a call. Happy to talk through any project you might have.

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