How to make Pop-up Ads benefit your business


Pop-up ads are annoying. Over 200 million people have ad blocking software because of this reason. So why are they still in use? 

Since we started digital marketing and web design in 1999, we have seen a full evolution of pop-ups. The design that sticks in the mind for most people (and the reason for their bad reputation) is the older generation of pop-ups. Excessive new windows popping up left, right and centre, flooding your screen. Infuriating.

This stigma around pop-ups means a lot of businesses are reluctant to utilise them, but we believe they are worth having.

Surprisingly effective

Pop-ups actually have a pretty high interaction rate. 

A few months ago, we worked with a house developer who was launching a new show house. They wanted to maximise the amount of visitors to the show house. We helped them set up a strategic pop-up on their website a couple weeks prior to the opening. The pop-up campaign was a huge success. In the two weeks before the opening, the developers had had over 150 inquiries. Analytics also showed that the people that interacted with the ad came to the website from various sources. This demonstrates that this campaign captured the interest of a lot of people, regardless of how they arrived to see it.

These campaigns can be successful and when you use pop-ups in the right way you can reap the benefits. To achieve this you have to get savvy with how you make them look, and how you implement them.

The modern day pop-up

Today, pop-ups look very different to the earlier abominations. Nowadays you can find much more tasteful pop-ups. Instead of new windows jumping out at the user they now stay in the window and can match the theme of the website making them a lot easier on the eye. People are a lot more likely to interact with these sleeker designs than before.

Take a look at how far they have come by looking at the pop-ups that WordPress plugin, Elementor has designed.


Get clever with pop-ups to generate leads

It’s by no means just to do with how they look though. You can now create pop-ups with specific targeting tools to appear after a certain amount of time or during a scenario that the user has activated. 

For example, a pop-up can show up after the visitor has been on the page for 30 seconds, or if they scroll down over halfway down the page. Another instance of a trigger is if a user has arrived from an exact URL like from an article that you have written on a third party website. You can even make a pop-up appear just as they’re about to close the tab!

Essentially, you can aim your pop-ups at certain people and optimise your pop-up for them. By catering to certain groups of people you are more likely to get a high interaction rate.


If you don’t have the time or expertise to set up your own pop-ups, please get in touch. We have many more digital marketing tips on our blog and can help you make the most out of your website. Why not check out our post on optimising your LinkedIn profile as part of your social media marketing outreach.

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