A new website is an investment, not a cost!

People come to us for a new website for a multitude of reasons, but they seem to fall into a few camps.

One is their website is quite old, it looks old fashioned and it needs a refresh, or maybe they’ve rebranded and want their website to show off this change.

Another reason is traffic and leads based. Their current website isn’t getting enough attention and they aren’t getting the intended amount of leads and conversions through it. Maybe the amount of leads isn’t the issue, but these leads are the right type of leads for their business and they want a new website to better attract their target audience. Having a results-orientated website is key to getting the right kind of customers. 

Or they might be looking to improve their functionality ie. add some automation into their website so they can streamline their processes. An example of this could be moving leads directly into their email database and then that triggers an onboarding email marketing system so they can constantly and easily keep in touch with their potential clients and nurture them into customers. This example obviously depends on the businesses lead times are and what product/service said business provides.

This third camp’s way of thinking can have serious benefits in the long run and this is what we are going to explore here!

Time is money

One area in business that gets missed quite often is where you can use a website to save time. This should be one of the biggest factors when you’re in the market for a new website. It is quite often missed as people don’t regularly reflect on their own business processes. 

As website developers, if we can understand how your business works, then we are able to spot areas whereby for a little extra cost on your website build, we can save you thousands of pounds a year moving forward.

A recent case study

A good example of a customer success story that we had recently was when we designed and developed a website for a lettings agent. If we had taken their request of a new website at face value that they wanted a new website because their old one was outdated or the branding wasn’t great we would have missed a very important point that when they were taking properties onboard and finding tenants for landlords

We refined the website to speed up their process for taking a house on board. We automated a lot of things that previously they were doing manually. We actually discovered what they were doing was manually adding the property to places like Facebook Marketplace and multiple different portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location. This was creating a huge amount of work for them, which they hadn’t thought about before. It was just a thing that they did and it made sense to do it at the time as they hadn’t thought of any other ways around it. 

So what we did was enable them to add their properties to the website which automatically would trigger, if they wanted them to trigger, to push those new properties to those portals.

This automation function saved them in the region of 200 hours easily per year, probably more. If we say their time was worth £50 an hour (a very conservative estimate), they were saving a huge amount of money, £10,000 saved just within the first year

This is, of course, additional to all the other benefits they got from their new website:

  • The increase in leads generation
  • The fact that the business looks more professional
  • No more embarrassment over how their website looks or works
  • A site that works perfectly on mobile devices
  • The ability to update the website instantly to add and remove properties to the site in next to no time. 

…and more.

An investment, not an expense

When budgeting for a website this massive time and money-saving aspect should absolutely be taken into account.

We don’t think a website should be looked at as a cost, rather an investment which will give you a return. In the case of the aforementioned letting agent, the investment in a new website gave an instant return. 

If you have any questions on business processes, strategy, or automation then please give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you save time and money too!

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