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linkedin profile increasing visitors

LinkedIn marketing is a great way to grow your business. Sometimes though, it can be difficult to get the attention you want straight away. Here’s a simple hack on how to increase visits to your LinkedIn profile so you can grow your network and generate more leads.


Use widgets to get ahead

After you optimise your LinkedIn profile, download one of these two widgets that’s going to basically ramp up traffic to your profile. I don’t know how long these two tools are going to be around or if LinkedIn will shut them down, but for the time being they’re both active and live. They’re called Dux-Soup, and eLink Pro.

What these two tools do is they will visit roughly about 500 of your target customers’ profiles per day. You also need a sales navigator to run these tools.

You now need to set up a search cue of your target customers.

The tools are just going to visit their profiles from your search criteria. It’s not going to message or send them anything or add them as connection requests. This tool is just going to visit their profiles on a daily basis.

What happens is that basically, a large number of those people will see that you have shown up in their who’s viewed your profile section.

This is something passive that you just literally let run. Then what we hope to happen is, you start to have a lot of people reaching out with inbound connection requests because, when they go to see who’s viewed your profile, they see your profile picture and your tagline and then they reach out to connect. Again, this is why the tagline is so important, because it’s the only thing they see unless they click on your profile.


Over to you to seal the deal 

From my experience, in an average week you’ll see anywhere between 10 to, even up to 30 or 40 connection requests from doing this at times. Then on about a weekly basis, go through those connection requests and just skim them and see which ones look interesting; which are actually the right fit for you. 

Then you will need to go through and accept those connection requests. Accept them and say something friendly along the lines of, “Hi, thanks for reaching out. I just checked out your site, you guys look like you have an awesome business/project/something of interest. I looked at the project you did for so-and-so. Can I ask why you reached out to me to connect?”

Just start a casual conversation and see where that goes. Again, you start a lot of these conversations and over time nurture these into actual phone calls which turn into opportunities and ultimately deals. This goes a super long way to just get those people who are actually adding you as a connection almost coming inbound to you because they stumbled across your profile in the ‘who’s viewed your profile’ section. 

So, it’s a simple little trick. I can’t promise that this one trick alone is going to change your business but it can go a long way in expanding your network on LinkedIn.

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