How to Use Instagram Stories to Generate Leads for Your New Homes development

Make the most of every Instagram story

Let your New Homes shine on Instagram! Start now with this complete guide on how to create Instagram stories that entice leads.

As a New Homes developer, you know creating beautiful buildings is all about telling a story.

Whether you specialise in commercial buildings or private contracts, everything you work on is meant to turn into a community for others. You are laying the foundation for their stories to come to life.

This is where people will work and play for many years to come.

But, it all begins with you.

You can easily accomplish this with Instagram stories.

But why would I want to be bothered with instagram stories I hear you say..won’t that mean more painful hours crafting well composed shots of the work you do?

Well with instagram stories the expectation level of well polished content is not can be raw and show users the journey of any project you are working on. Use it to demonstrate your design process, and the results you get..give a little behind the scenes outlook on what you do, rather than just the finished project.

For example, why not take advantage of sharing the design process?

Most of all…just tell a compelling story of how the building or structure you have designed has come to life, what and who is involved. This can help you grow existing relationships and generate new leads.

Instagram allows current clients and new users access to the operations they wouldn’t normally see every day. You just have to know how to create Instagram stories.

The following is a complete guide on how to make a story and the various ways you can use your stories to generate leads.

Instagram stories - daily active users

How to Create Instagram Stories: Photos, Filters, and More

Instagram stories are not second nature for everyone to make. They are, however, something everyone enjoys to watch. Here’s how to create Instagram stories that succeed.

Take Your Shot

Everything about your story starts with the shot.

Are you giving users a look at your design process today, or maybe taking them on site somewhere?

Use your creative eye to find the still frame that will capture users on the other end of the screen. Or, you can opt to take a video instead.

Videos can be much more engaging when done correctly. Take this as a chance to scale up or down a building that is almost complete, or to zoom in or out of a set of designs you are working on.

This turns regular material that you see every day into engaging, unique content for online users.

Filter versus No Filter

Whether you take a photo or a video, think about adding a filter.

Filters create a little more depth to your story. They make certain elements and colours in the shot stand out, which many audience members will appreciate.

Not to mention, there are filters you can use while taking the shot!

This applies to both photo and video. The best part is it’s not complicated to learn how to create Instagram stories with this cool feature.

All you have to do is hold a finger down on the middle of the screen before you take your photo or video. The Instagram interface will then change to a variety of filters you can choose from.

Take your pick, frame the shot, and have some fun.

For brand consistency, try to use the same handful of filters in your stories. This will be something users come to know as your added touch to their experience.

Captions, User Tags, and Location Tags

After finding the right filter, it’s time to add copy and tags.

Don’t be afraid to take some creative freedom with your caption.

Use it to share bits and pieces of the project you are working on. Write something to celebrate a special day in your office or comment on an industry trend. Maybe tag a partner or client you’re working with that day.

If anything, at least tag the location while you’re on-site or even at the office.

Location tagging has many benefits.

First, it adds another special touch to your story.

Second, it adds your Instagram story to a feed of others at the same location.

This expands your online reach much further than you’d be able to go on your own. It puts your story in front of a future client who is always walking by your new building or looking something up near your office.

Should they stumble upon your story on the area’s Instagram story, you have a new lead.

Sometimes, location tags also help you establish a relationship with the area you are tagging. It can be a way to thank the restaurant that feeds your team for the late design hours, or to showcase a completed building you’ve worked on before.

Links and “Swiping Up”

As effective as the above Instagram story tools are, you don’t fully know how to create Instagram stories until you’ve used them to guide users to another online destination.

This is done by adding links to your story.

A link on an Instagram story shows up as a landing page when users swipe up. It takes them straight from your social media page to any other online presence you want to share with them.

This can be a highly effective lead generation tool.

Just remember to inform users to swipe up!

Stickers and Extra Designs

Stickers range on the day of the week, holiday time, and even by location.

If you are in a major city, for example, you will have a few more stickers to choose from than a New Homes developer that is based in a small town.

Either way, each firm has the possibility to drive new leads.

All it takes is a creative, fun approach on how to create Instagram stories.

Stickers are the final touch that can make a big difference. Use them to share a bit of your firm’s ‘personality. Maybe choose a signature sticker for a completed project or an announcement you’re excited about.


Every Instagram Story Has a Purpose

It’s one thing to know how to create Instagram stories.

It’s another to determine what purpose your story serves.

Sure, at the end of the day, it’s all about driving new leads.

But, what kind of story are you creating to do this? You may be giving industry insights one day then having a particularly fun time in the office the next. You could be showcasing one person’s design process or a finished project you’re walking past.

There are endless ways to take the story-making skills above and apply them.

The following are six examples of what an Instagram story can do.

1. Check In with Your Followers

Sometimes, one of the best ways to apply how to create Instagram stories is the most simple.

Simply swipe the screen to say hello!

Check in with your Instagram followers as you are walking into the office in the morning or heading out for the day. Talk to them about the day’s work, things you are excited about, and maybe an upcoming conference or project completion.

This reminds your audience you care.

Who knows, someone may get particularly excited about what you say and send your story to their friends. This is an organic form of lead generation.

2. Encourage User Content

While you’re saying hello to your users, consider proposing a question.

Questions can be spoken into the camera on a video or written into a caption. Use them to encourage users to interact with you via a direct message, a comment on a posted photo, or by swiping up on their screen.

Don’t forget, you can also create a poll!

Polls allow users to be a part of the experience. Their input can help you decide anything from what direction to take your project into what you want to have for lunch.

3. Give Industry Insights

Just as you can ask users for their feedback on your Instagram story, you can share your own.

This is your platform to talk about anything going on in the world of New Homes development.

Use it to express your excitement for the work other people are doing or to give your audience a sneak peek of what you have coming up. Give them the behind the scenes experience of what goes on in your head and in day-to-day operations.

Make sure you know how to create Instagram stories when you go to conventions and beautiful cities, too.

4. Use Stories as an Extension of Your Website

Do you already share such ideas on your website’s blog?

Start posting new articles and updates on your Instagram story!

This gives your ideas the reach they need to grow and connect with your audience.

It helps them travel further, which can result in more leads than you think.

The more you share your ideas, the easier it will be for users to recognise your brand. They will come to associate certain aspects of design with your approach to New Homes design.

5. Do an Instagram Takeover

Another way to take your online reach to the next level is to host or do an Instagram takeover.

A takeover is when a well-known public figure hosts a story on another person or organisation’s account. Think of it as a social media partnership.

6. Go Live

Once you know how to create Instagram stories, try going live with them every once in a while.

A live story is an online interaction that happens in real-time.

Instead of taking the shot and then posting it, going live keeps the shot going and allows users to join in the conversation and leave as they please.

You can use a live video to show the building you are walking around inside of or to talk directly with your audience. Run a live session as a Q&A or do it informally just because.


Make the Most of Every Instagram Story

Knowing how to create Instagram stories is just one piece of your social media presence.

The rest is a mix of quality images, captivating copywriting, a consistent brand direction, and much more. This may sound like too much to keep up with, considering you have a business to run.

Don’t worry – that is where we come in!

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