Property Hive featured article: How estate agents can market in a COVID-19 economy

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We have a post over on Property Hive about estate agency marketing during COVID-19. You can read the article on the Property Hive blog here. Hope you enjoy.

We have been monitoring the property market during this pandemic and believe that we have the necessary knowledge from our 20+ years working with this sector to give some estate agency marketing tips during COVID-19.

At Servon, we a delighted to be recognised by Property Hive as one of their most trusted developers. This is due to our Property Hive integration experience and our 20+ years of experience working with estate agencies. Property Hive is an open-source property software to help you manage your properties on your website.

If you want to discuss how your estate agency can benefit from becoming integrated with Property Hive’s software, then don’t hesitate to give us a call. 

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