SEO and Lead Generation from Google My Business

We’ve had great success helping estate agents, letting agents and property manages use the Google My Business (GMB) tool to get much more exposure on Google. In fact, one of our clients who we implemented GMB probably a couple of years ago, have been working on it ever since now gets a third of their telephone conversations now come directly from GMB.

It takes a little bit of time to get set up and to familiarise yourself with it but it is completely worth the effort you put in. 

There is no monetary cost of setting up and using GMB if you do it yourself. You can of course get an agency like us in to run your GMB campaign for you but it will give you immense results.

Google My Business for Estate Agents website marketing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Google My Business makes sure you appear higher in the search engine for local term results.

For example if you were searching for ‘Letting Agent in Camberley’ or ‘Estate Agent in Plymouth’ or something along those lines, it will help you to appear higher up on the search page. The higher up you appear on this page, the more traffic you’re going to get on your website. 

Google Reviews

Another important factor that goes hand-in-hand with GMB is Google reviews. Again these really help in pushing your website to the forefront of people’s minds.

Google My Business allows users to easily leave, and read other people’s reviews. A lot of Google reviews is good to validate your business, after all, a letting agent with 4/5 stars from 3 reviews compared to one with 100 reviews averaging a star rating of 4.5 is going to look unreliable. People will click on the one with the most positive reviews as that letting agent clearly is the most reputable.

You can also respond to any reviews left. This is good practice, as it shows you are open and communicative; things people look for in letting agents, estate agencies and property managers.

A number of good reviews paired with the general SEO improvement can really separate your property business from the rest.

Google My Business for Estate Agents digital marketing

Take a look now

What do you look like online now? What results come up? How far down the page are you?

I recommend Googling your business type and whichever the town/city you are based e.g. ‘Letting agent in Reading’ or even just typing in your company name. If you have Google My Business you will see your information on the right-hand side.You can populate it with loads of information on your opening times, show business photos and posts and provide contact information too. 

Google My Business really is an essential tool to use in this day and age. If you need a hand with any of it or if you’d like to know a little more information about it, give us a call.

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