Create trustworthy content alongside your ad campaign to capture more leads

Trustworthy content more leads ad campaign

Advertising online can be difficult. Even if you get people clicking on your ads and viewing your landing page, they may not interact with you. Your services might be fantastic! You might be the best in the business. The problem here is that everyone wants to say they are good at what they do. So how can you convince potential customers to spend their money on you? How can you show you are the real deal and not a hack?

Horror stories of people getting scammed on the internet have forced people to be increasingly careful online. This is particularly the case when providing personal information or when buying online. Nowadays there is a higher threshold level of trust for most consumers to engage with businesses online than ever before.

But how can you build up this trust? Here are some simple tips you can use to win over new visitors to your website.


Have a relevant landing page

This is the first page that a potential customer sees on your website. They have just clicked on your ad from Google, Facebook, wherever, and have been directed to this page. Make sure that this landing page is exactly what they clicked for – that’s the reason they’re there at the end of the day. If it doesn’t, the advert can feel like it’s tricked the clicker into visiting a random web page. They are not interested in your home page, and people don’t want to waste time searching around your site for a specific product/service. First impressions are incredibly important.


Real life testimonials

The simplest way to make you more trustworthy to potential leads. Real life testimonials don’t come across as fake or forced. Whether it be in video form or a quote, these are honest assessments that build trust like nothing else. On top of this, testimonials are a great way to brag about yourself without it being from you. They are well worth having on your landing page.


Show off who you’ve worked with before

Name drop! Have a section on your landing page full of business’ logos that you have previously worked with. This demonstrates that if other companies (especially well known ones) have trusted you before, then you can be trusted again. Lead with your most famous clients as they are more likely to grab the attention of your visitors.


Show examples of your work if you can 

A good way to reassure visitors of your landing page is to have a sneak peak of your work on show. Having a few case studies on your landing page is a great way for people to see for themselves exactly what you can provide. If they like what you have done in the past then they are more likely to interact with your landing page and become a customer. Showing always works better than telling. Obviously this is dependent on the service you’re providing, but if you have an end product, put it on display!


Make sure you’re not too nosy

Your aim with your landing page should be for visitors to interact with you. A common way that this is achieved is asking for a visitor’s contact information via an online form. Do NOT ask for any unnecessary information. Only ask for the information that you need. As soon as you ask for anything out of the ordinary, people will start to wonder: “Why do they need that?” “Why would I give that information to an organisation that I don’t know?” It makes them doubt that you are a legitimate business and are less likely to interact with you.


If you are looking to increase the number of leads through your website, a crafted landing page to target your ideal clients could just be the thing you need right now. Give us a call if you are interested in creating or optimising your landing pages.

We also have written a post specifically for property manager landing pages for our good friends over at Arthur Online. Check it out here.

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