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I’d like to talk today about something I’m really excited about, and it may sound odd, but it’s our project management tool! And the reason I’m really excited about it is because it’s changing the way that we work. It’s making us much more efficient. And if we’re more efficient then we can deliver work to our clients a lot quicker. We can make sure we don’t miss things and it benefits our clients massively.

How we used to work…

Before I go into our current tool we use, I’ll give you some context on how we have historically worked. We have been running projects for 20 years now. We started off with whiteboards, we then moved on to spreadsheets. We’ve used many, many different tools over the years. And then up until about a year ago, we were using a tool called Trello, which worked really well. It was like a Kanban type of system. So you wrote it to do on a notepad and then move it across to ‘Done’ after you’ve completed it.

Switching to ClickUp

The product ClickUp, which is what we now use is probably the best product I’ve seen for project management and is cost-efficient as well. So it allows us as a company to run all of our client projects through there. It allows us to invite our clients as guests to view their project as it’s working its way through to its conclusion so they can jump in and see where we are at any point in time. It even allows us to run our sales CRM. So we’ve replaced our original sales CRM as well. And then that ties in quite nicely with the projects that we’re working on. So we’ve got a really good track record of our initial conversations with someone right through to project completion, rather than going to lots of different systems and trying to integrate them in different ways.

It works on a sort of SAS method, so software as a service, we pay monthly and you tend to pay for each user that you have. But it’s very cost-efficient and to add a new user or new team member really isn’t a big deal at all. I think that the benefit to our clients is it’s made us much more efficient, we’re much more on top of where exactly we are in a project. Anyone in the team can jump in at any point in time and see how far along in the project we are, what we’re waiting on, what’s coming up next, and what’s been approved and completed. And because of that, it means we’re spending actually less time in project management than we were before. This also means we can invoice less for that part of the project. So it’s like a double whammy – we’re more efficient, working quicker than ever before, and it’s is actually giving our clients better value for money as well.

So all in all for us, the benefits are quite amazing. The product continues to grow. And I would say, if you’re looking for a tool to run your business, then ClickUp most definitely should be one that you go out and investigate and see if it can fit what you do. Having said that, there are tools there to actually bespoke it. So if there is something it doesn’t do out of the box, it’s actually quite straightforward to add that functionality yourself.

Anyway, if you want to double down on your project management and improve your processes and your systems, I’m quite happy to jump on a call and show you how we work and how adopting it for your business might benefit you. Please do give us a shout and I’ll show you through the product and it may well be a benefit to you as well.

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