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Speed of implementation: the key to growing your estate agency

Project Overview

Bringing together local insight and a wealth of experience dating back to the 1980s, Bourne Estate Agents have become one of the leading property businesses in Hampshire and Surrey. Their success is evident if you look at their rapid growth through acquisition, growing from 5 branches to 8 since we first worked with them 5 years ago.

For an ambitious and expanding business like Bourne, the ability to quickly update content on their website is a necessity.

With Bourne’s business model geared towards acquisition, they couldn’t keep up with the constant changes to their old website. Forever manually updating their branches as they were adding to them and subsequently an influx of new properties proved too time consuming, when really they wanted to be out selling and letting properties. As well as this, the COVID-19 pandemic has heightened the need for them to quickly update content due to changing government guidelines & regulations and the impact this is having on the property market.

We identified that the course of action to solve these problems was to automate their website. This means that if Bourne were to make an acquisition they can quickly and easily add those property listings to the website extremely quickly, instead of having to manually upload all the new information.

Updating the website to a new platform has made it simple for Bourne to use and edit their website. They now have greater flexibility in the design of the site and they can pivot content quickly which helps them react first to government regulations and a housing market that is constantly changing in the current COVID-19 world. We also removed barriers to people filling in forms, and as a result there has been an uplift in valuation requests.

Rebuilding the website has handed Bourne the tools to better promote their business, get more valuations, and sell more homes. 

Bourne now has more freedom to make changes themselves and to update the website. Being able to quickly implement marketing tactics including landing pages and sales funnels for paid marketing activity has resulted in an uplift in valuation requests. Above all, they now have a platform that can flex and grow with the expanding business.

Our Ad Campaign templates resulted in acquisition costs of just £12.50 per valuation

Earlier in the year, we worked with Bourne to create a Google adwords campaign for three of their offices in Woking, Guildford and Farnham. Based on the results we managed to achieve we decided to also implement Facebook advertising for the adwords campaign with the best result which turned out to be for the Woking office. 

We ran 2 campaigns with differing visual approaches, one in January and one in March. The overall goal was to increase valuation requests. 

The New Year campaign in January was the smaller of the two, costing a total of £200. This campaign received 233 clicks and got 68 total goal completions, 16 of which were valuation requests, with an acquisition cost of £12.50 per valuation. The other goal completions were for general contact and people registering as buyers.

After the success of the initial campaign in January, a Spring campaign was set up in March, which cost £468. This time, Bourne received 671 clicks and got 73 total goal completions with 24 being valuation requests. This meant the acquisition cost per valuation was £19.50.

We have since set up a template for ongoing Pay Per Click campaigns which continue to be used by Bourne with great success. With the help of our marketing strategy consultations, Bourne continues to go from strength to strength.

We love working with estate agents that have a growth mindset. We are proud to have laid the groundwork to enable Bourne to save huge amounts of time, create their own landing pages to get more leads, and to increase the effectiveness of their sales funnels.

If you are looking for an estate agent website design that will help increase you valuations then get in touch and see how we can help.

CLIENT: Bourne Estate Agents


CATEGORIES: Strategy, Lead Generation, Marketing, Web Design & Development, Property Hive Integration, Automation, PPC Advertising

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