Social Media Experts

Posted by kevin williams on Sep 8, 2011 in Web

It seems nowadays we cant seem to move for social media experts. What these guys are going to do for your business is truely amazing.The millions of people interacting and socialising on twitter, facebook, linkedin etc are ALL looking for your product.....of course they are!!

One line I picked up on recently in a promotional email was an event - "Unlock the potential of your digital strategies", where you will be taught by a speaker, from a large UK corporate, 'using social media to build a community around your brand'.

Lets take a step back and get in the real world. First of all not everyone is looking for your product or service, and then, of all the people who are, they are not all looking for you via social media. The hype needs to be tempered somewhat and a clear strategy of how to market your product or service needs to be planned.

The overall strategy may well include social media, but probably not everything going. Work out what will work for you and your business, taking into account the time and funds you have available.

Hits and followers are not the be all and end all. Targetting the right group of people with the right message is what is important.

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