Customer support and maintenance

We're always on hand to help you when you most need help


Your website is a considerable investment and as such you may be concerned about the long term cost of ownership of your website.

Think of it like a car... A car needs regular maintenance and service to keeping it ticking over nicely, so it does not break down and leave you stranded.
It needs a regular MOT test to make sure it’s up to scratch and is still roadworthy.
After an MOT you get a list of advisory items to keep you informed where problems might occur in the future... a website is no different.

We have a number of different service plans that include

  • A set number of hours of website support each month (dependent on website)
  • dedicated video channel with explanatory videos showing how to manage content on your website
  • Monthly health check
  • Regular software updates (core, themes and plugins)
  • Website performance and uptime monitoring
  • Priority On-call web support / webmaster services when you need it
  • Regular SEO checks

We will also let you know if we see any opportunities that you may not have thought about.

Call us today or book a scheduled call so we can take a look at your website and see where we can help.