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reliable enterprise web hosting

Hosting your website should not be left to chance, built for redundancy, speed and security, our UK-based enterprise-grade web hosting offers you absolute commercial certainty.


Better to trust a professional organisation who knows what to do.

Our standard website hosting is £300.00 per 12 months, unless otherwise stated. This will include:

  • network infrastructure availability, with a 100% connectivity guarantee
  • UK hosting in ISO-accredited data centre
  • disaster recovery strategy
  • daily website backups for maximum security and availability
  • additional offsite website backups on Amazon Web Services infrastructure, meaning should disaster strike such as a data centre burning down, we have a full backup of youwebsite
  • uncapped webspace so loads of people can visit your website.
  • expert and personal support with a 24 hour response time.

You may have seen monthly website hosting for less than the cost of a cup of Costa Coffee. Just do a Google search for "cheap website hosting", and you will see it for as much as £0.99 per month. Firstly, I would hope you put more value on your business website than 99p, but if you need further convincing….

What happens if your website goes down?
You will probably have to go through a hard to find online ticketing system, it's a lot easier and quicker to pick the phone up and speak to someone to get it sorted.

The server that your website is on will be low spec, meaning your website will run slow. If it runs slow, people will leave in their droves.

You website may be vulnerable to attacks. With so many websites sharing a server, chances are that there will be a website that’s going to use a rogue process that can crash the server.

There will be little or no backups.

Through our hosting partner, UKFast the server your website is hosted on is compliant to the following accreditations

Carbon Neutral

We are very proud to have achieved PAS 2060 certification - making us the 1st certified carbon neutral hosting company in the UK. Being certified to this standard demonstrates how we have offset all CO2 emissions from head office, data centre operations, and the energy used by commuters. As the first certified 100% carbon neutral hosting company, all existing and new client services are also entirely carbon neutral.

iso management

We provide secure web hosting to clients worldwide, offering hosting services certified to the ISO 27001:2008 standard - ensuring the security of your own, and your customer's, data. We've proved that we take information security incredibly seriously by achieving ISO27001:2008 certification across all of our business operations.

quality magement

We have implemented an internal Quality Management System (QMS) which is certified to ISO9001:2008. The QMS is continually maintained and improved to ensure that we meet, if not exceed, the expectations of our clients.

enviromental management

As part of our commitment to managing our carbon footprint, we are certified to the environmental standards of ISO14001.


We are PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant in our operational business processes relating to the payment card industry.