Servon gave me that guidance and that really strong advice

Testimonial – Kirsty Charlton, Elements Yoga Studio

So, Kirsty where were you before you started to work with Servon?

So, before I started working with Servon, I was in the midst of a huge business plan to create this yoga studio. I had lots of ideas and I had lots of things going on, and I needed some guidance and some direction. An avenue to kind of put my ideas into, to create something for my website and my branding to support my new business.

And how did Servon help you. What did they help you with the most? How did you find-

So as I said, I had lots of ideas. I did have my branding and I just needed to find a way to portray that really strongly and really positively as a new business. So yeah, being able to share my ideas with Servon and them being able to give me a really clear route as to where those ideas can be implemented within a website, and how best to get my message across. As a new business, obviously I needed to spread the word as far and as wide as I possibly could. I needed to spread my website out there, and yeah, they were able to give me that guidance and that really strong advice. So, it was a great start.

And tell me a little bit about the results you’ve been getting since you’ve launched-

The website was a huge, obviously it was integral to the beginning and the start of the business and it continues to be. It is the lifeline of the business, because everyone that comes and sees the signage on the window or that comes into the studio, they need to go to the website to then book into their classes and find out more about the studio. So, it’s the backbone really, of the business. So to have it with my strong branding, to have the content really nice and clear, for them to totally reflect the nature of the business through the imagery, through the colors through the flow of the website, yeah, it’s been integral to the success of the start up of the business. And it continues to be so.

So Kirsty, tell me a little bit about how your site works and how it’s integrated with all the payment options and courses and things like that.

Yeah, so we rely on our website functioning and aligning fully with our CRM. It’s called Mind Body, and so that is our software with all our business information is in, all our payment information is in. And it’s crucial that the website, obviously works fluidly and effortlessly and it’s integrated with that software. People can then, Servon managed to align the software with the website, and so people can go into the website, click on the “book now” option and every thing is just really easy. They can book, they can pay online and everything’s pulled from the CRM system and read through the website. And yeah, it’s just an effortless experience for the user.

It helps me as well from behind the scenes, without having to take payment, without having to take cash over the counter. Being able to direct them to the website and know that they can absolutely go find the website and make that payment. It makes all the difference, so yeah, that’s the way it works.

And what sort of companies would you recommend would benefit from using Servon?

So, companies like myself, complete start ups who need to spread the word and get their branding out there, because of the advice, and the guidance, and the understanding that they provide. But then also obviously, it’s really good to know that you’re there, Servon are there, for anything that comes up. And then obviously to larger businesses from larger industries that perhaps at a point that they need to rebrand and upscale. Again, just to refresh their entire branding, their website, their marketing. It’s the complete package really, so yeah, startups right through to large style businesses for sure.

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