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Project Overview

September 2020 Update
Since the UK lockdown in March we have been working hard with McCarthy Holden to analyse the website and put in a strategic plan to increase website visitors and bump up Valuation requests.

McCarthy Holden are a privately run estate and letting agent that has been a prominent fixture in and around the Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire borders. Now in their fifth decade of operation, McCarthy Holden continues to innovate and find new ways of promoting property. They were probably the first agents to market property using “real” video tours, filming , editing and broadcasting them themselves.

Working with McCarthy Holden as part of their marketing arm, we have been instrumental in their overall marketing strategy, helping them define their exact target market, and creating multi-channel marketing campaigns. Our focus has been to help increase valuation requests and to build a “fully owned” marketing list. 

The website has been at the core of most of the marketing initiatives we have helped implement. It is continuously being adjusted and tweaked in order to capitalise and improve conversion rates. The website has all the basics you would expect from an estate agents website including integration with property software (Rezi) to display property results and details, and the general mix of pages. However the key factor is the ability to easily and quickly create highly targeted landing pages for different audiences and initiatives…this is where most of the big wins come from.

Pay Per Click for Estate Agents
A couple of other noteworthy marketing initiatives we have been involved with for Mccarthy Holden have been a number of Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns and a very specific ongoing local search campaign.

The PPC campaigns have been very specific in nature and not the normal copy-cat campaigns that a lot of agents put out. One specific campaign was to target high net worth international individuals who were planning to send their children to Wellington College (one of the UK’s leading independent schools), and would potentially be looking for a second home near the college. 

We identified and targeted countries that had a track record of sending pupils to Wellington and created specific campaigns for each country such as Saudi Arabia, Sweden and France. 

The campaign resulted in a number of enquiries and led to the sale of a £2.5Million property.

Local Search campaigns for Estate Agents
The local search campaign we set up for Mccarthy Holden is probably one of the most successful campaigns that is still running. By creating a number of very “local focused” landing pages and combining this with Google My Business optimisation and regular posts and photo uploads, we have been able to increase leads from this channel from zero to now accounting for 30% of the valuation requests that McCarthy Holden now get. 

We also found that the number of direct phone calls to the McCarthy Holden offices increased in line with the added prominence of the Google My Business local panels. This has also resulted in valuation leads where the user has not even visited the website.

For us working with McCarthy Holden is an absolute pleasure. Not only have they trusted our judgment, but are happy to move out of the comfort zone of what everyone else is doing. Obviously not every marketing campaign works, but being different, taking some calculated risk and sticking to a clearly defined strategy has worked well for McCarthy Holden.

If you feel like you need some new impetus added to your marketing campaigns, or you feel overwhelmed by all the different marketing options, then give us a call. After a quick chat we should be in a good position to know if we would be a good fit for each other.

CLIENT: McCarthy Holden Estate Agents

DATE COMPLETE: Ongoing Marketing

CATEGORIES: Strategy, Lead Generation, Marketing, Property Hive Integration, Web Design & Development, Organic SEO, Local SEO, Email Campaigns

WEBSITE: McCarthy Holden

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