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Does Print Material Still Work in The Digital Age?

by: Max Fancourt 03/04/2013 Categories: print

In today’s Digital Age, many businesses are shying away from printed material in a bid to cut their costs and reduce their carbon footprint. Beautifully presented, expensively printed, detailed brochures and marketing pieces are being relinquished in favour of digital presentations, blogs and YouTube videos.

So is there any place in the 21st Century for printed material? In our opinion, the answer is yes, but it’s important to establish the reasons for using both forms of media in the current marketplace.

Nearly all businesses send out their newsletters digitally now. As mentioned above, it’s easier to distribute, costs a lot less and can be sent directly to people who actually want to read it i.e. they have supplied an email address. But because of this the web is becoming more cluttered and regular letterboxes less so. Using printed media may give your business a greater chance to reach target audiences.

A well-designed brochure, emailed as a Portable Document File (PDF) will always be favourable to a prospective client as a less-hassle way of enquiring about your products. But the same glossy advertisement printed and presented in the hand by a salesman, will add that human touch. Printed material can easily be passed from one client to their families and friends. Yes, an email is easily sent too, but it’s in conversations and physical contact that a recommendation will have maximum power.

It will be more memorable too. Many people still appreciate having something tangible in their hands. Let’s not forget, lots of people still use post-it notes and written messages as reminders, and how often do you receive a hand-written envelope these days – it can really stand out if done properly.

The main key for all direct mail, whether printed or online, is to know your audience. Research your customer’s needs and establish what will work best for them. Don’t be tempted to ditch all printed media just because it’s easier.

Using a mixture of both, it’s possible to attract a wide range of potential clients, and keep your existing clients updated at the same time.

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