Email Marketing Check List: Great Ways to Optimise Email for Mobile

by: Rachel Lord 15/11/2015 Categories: marketing

It has been reported that more emails are now read on mobile devices that on desktop. With the increasing number of consumers reading their emails on the go, it is essential for marketers to comprehend how to create an effective mobile email. Are you aware of how your email campaign appears on a consumer’s mobile device? Are you making it simple for the reader to understand the content you are sending them?

The response rates to your emails will increase if you optimise your campaign for mobile, take a look at the following techniques for the best results;

Test before you send: Do the images that are imbedded within your email load correctly? Do the links open when clicked? Is the layout mobile friendly? To ensure that your email to be received properly, try it on several different devices and formats. Your campaign could be perfect in terms of content and design, however it needs to be easy to read on all types of screens. Your customers will become frustrated and lose interest if they have to wait for data download.

Set out your links clearly: If an essential part of your email campaign is for a specific link to get click’s, then it is important to set that link apart and make it accessible (this is particularly important for touch screen devices). If a potential customer gets irritated with persistently trying to click on the correct link with no success, this will lead to deletion, which defeats the purpose of your email.

Do you have a call-to-action: It is likely that the receiver of your email will be multitasking, very distracted and on the move, therefore it is important to be direct. Make sure the content you send is up to a high standard, contains great offers, relevant information and clear calls-to-action.

Good timing: The success of email response rates can be greatly affected by timing. Several reports indicate that mobile email begins to rise towards the end of the week before it starts to taper off on Sunday. One possibility for this could be that people have more free time on a Friday and Saturday, with the majority of work being completed at the beginning of a working week. It is important to check the results of your email campaign and understand which days and times will produce the best results.

Quality content: We all know too well how easy it is to delete an email on a mobile device and this ‘read or delete’ demonstrates that you need to keep your emails relatively short and to the point. It’s important to keep your subject heading states exactly what it is that the consumer will be reading. Recent studies have shown that shorter subject lines outperform longer ones.

Great Ways to Optimise Email for Mobile