Photograph of car wrap design

Corporate Photography Car Wrap Project

by: Max Fancourt 12/07/2013 Categories: photography

Reade Signs contacted us to talk about how best to promote their expertise in an area that has become an important part of the services they provide. Car Wrapping is essentially wrapping your vehicle in any form of advertising, colours or patterns, and is increasing in popularity for both businesses and individuals.

From the outset, it became clear this scenario would be a perfect example of when you need to commission a bespoke photographic shoot to get your message across, and why using stock photography would not cut the mustard.

The brief

"As a signage company we need to make our expertise in car wrapping known to our existing and future clients. We need to show the creativity and attention to detail we place in every assignment and the ever-increasing range of skills we possess."

Reade Signs required us to produce high quality photographic material that could be used within any marketing collateral, including trade stands, exhibitions, promotional literature and on the web. The main goal was to give present and future customers a real understanding of Reade Signs effectiveness, skills and quality of service, as well as to point out the highly valued 3M certification.

The solution was obvious, to use the Reade Signs own fantastic quality work as the main feature. The result was a one day photographic shoot using three cars as the basis of Reade Signs showcase.

The basic idea was straightforward; show all three cars in their Sunday best... the realities however, were not so simple. The biggest problem with any sort of car photographic shoot is space, cars are large and adding in photographic lighting, equipment and perspective to fit the best shot means a lot of space. Normally a photographic studio specifically designed for vehicles would be hired for this sort of shoot, but the budget and most importantly the time constraints were against us. Each car needed to be photographed and then handed over to each client in turn. We would not have the luxury of keeping the vehicles for any long length of time.

Mobile photographic studio schematic idea

Our approach was simple, we would build a photographic studio in the workshop near to the car preparation area, as soon as they were finished and polished, the cars were moved over to the studio which could be partly dismantled and reassembled within minutes.

Building a mobile photographic studio on clients premises

Overall the project was a great success and Reade Signs were absolutely delighted with the results. We were able to shoot all three cars in quick succession while delivering within the strict time frame and budget.