Animate, Don’t Stagnate - Tips on Using Animation

by: Max Fancourt 30/11/2015 Categories: marketing

The key to marketing innovation is focusing more on the stories of your customers, and less on your product or service offering. B2B solutions can be made much more interesting when you describe what they mean for your customers. In the quest to stand out from the competition, businesses need to find ways to cut through all the noise out there. 

Creating engaging content is high on any marketing plan for 2013, and delivering it via social media is the obvious platform to reach your target market. The objective of your marketing should be to engage with your customers: to occupy, attract or involve their interest or attention. Advances in technology have led to changes in the way people consume information - people nowadays want to see rather than read. Graphics have long been used to bring content to life, to make it visual, and recently we’re seeing animation being used to convey an even deeper meaning to content.

Whilst animation has been around for many years, used by graphic designers and the like, it’s now being used by people and businesses on a much more frequent basis. The use of social media sites such as YouTube has led to a culture of viewing and sharing video clips. Businesses can adopt the use of animation in the same way, and it can be used in many different formats to help market your business, as it’s both easy to use and cost effective.

Here are some ideas for using animation for marketing your business.

Social Media - Once your marketing is geared towards promoting your company via sharing your expertise (ie focusing on your customers) you can start to share it. Going back to standing out from the crowd - here’s where you can do something different. Go beyond blog posts and newsletters, use videos and animation to stand out from the crowd. Post the videos on all your social media sites, ensuring they are not self-promoting, but interesting and valuable for your customers. Your aim for your social network is to drive people to take action. If people watch a video from you, they’ve taken an action. If there’s something in the video they can learn from, direct them to more resources - your blog or website. Not only are you giving people something they can learn from, you are making it a positive experience that they will associate with you.

Online presentations - in the increasingly digital age we have fewer opportunities to connect with our audiences on a personal level. Online presentations and webinars are used increasingly, which removes the personal element of a speaker. Using animation can bring a presentation to life, increasing the opportunity to engage with your audience.

Here’s an example of a brilliant animated promotional video.