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We were contacted recently by a Reading based property management company to help them design and build a new website as well as design a new brand for them. You can read the full case study here.

With the website, the challenge was to include a property section showcasing their properties and single rooms for rent, where the property data was coming from two Arthur Online accounts. Interestingly when we looked into this the team at Arthur were in the process of upgrading their API and were looking to create a WordPress plugin to be able to import the data directly into the WordPress environment. Unfortunately, the timescales for the plugin delivery was not going to fit our build time.

What we ended up doing was working with the existing plugin called Property Hive. Steve at Property Hive was keen to add Arthur Online into his plugin, and working with us and the team at Arthur we were able to develop a plugin that effortlessly imports all the property data right into any website.

The main benefits of the Arthur Online Property Hive plugin are that we now have a well-supported plugin that not only imports properties but also imports single units, so is ideal for room shares and HMO’s.

As one of our development team said
“We can now implement the Arthur Online plugin knowing it’s just going to work, allowing us to concentrate on the important bits of the website”

Arthur Online integration features

  • Able to import both property and unit-level content
  • Updates every 15 minutes or can manually update at the click of a button
  • Get property viewing enquiries straight into the database
  • Can import from more than one Arthur account
  • Able to set up and use custom fields
  • Map search
  • Show all units in one property


Learn about how our Arthur Online integration service can help your property manager business here.

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